Artist Statement

In my work I reveal and give voice to social and political Indigenous issues. Through engaging and challenging my viewers I lay down the foundations to awaken the public to an Indigenous discourse in hopes to continue a dialogue between Indigenous peoples and people of other heritages to address and deal with long standing problematic issues. Furthermore, my work is a therapeutic process in which I allow myself to create a critical discourse in decolonization towards self-identification.

I speak on many Indigenous issues through a plethora of mediums including; sculpture, installation, painting and performance. These mediums are most appropriate to express my concepts because each medium’s characteristics can interact with my viewers in ways that best correlates to the given concept. The recurring themes in my works centre on Aboriginal iconic imagery and the use of red; a colour signifying the many diverse Indigenous Nations that have been put under the blanket term of Indian, a term that is foreign to my People. Such themes allow me to explore issues of identity, Canada’s hidden history, and decolonization. I also appropriate found objects to critique negative preconceived notions of colonialism and Indigenous standing, which presently continues to be perpetuated without question. Covering these found objects in red clothing I reveal the concealed imperialistic tactics of the destruction of whole Indigenous Nations.

Many of my works revolve around the effects of the Indian Act, a piece of Canadian legislation which was enacted to oppress every aspect of my Peoples life, in a attempt to destroy our spirit, the original inhabitants. Today, this piece of legislation still exists and continues to oppress First Nations Peoples throughout what is now called Canada. My art speaks to the Indian Act and how it has affected my personal experiences, my family, friends and those from my community. Each piece embodies elements of oppression, coercion, sovereignty, and identity to display another perception that most of Canadian society is completely oblivious too.

Ultimately, I would like viewers of my work to question the settler within them. My work can be interpreted as expressing a subjugated perspective to add layers to society’s uncontested assumptions.


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